Vehicle GPS Tracking

GEOROID TECHNOLOGIES uses the very latest GPS and GSM/GPRS location technology, to ensure that your fleet is always visible and always operational. We deliver reliable solutions for the transport industry that ensure positive results for your businesses. GEOROID believes that insight and visibility to information is of key importance to this industry.

  • Get live vehicle status with colour coded indicators which is simple and intuitive to understand

  • Fleet Schedular enables employees to plan, allocate and send vehicles to respective drop and load points

  • Geofences can be set-up on the Map which can be used to alert when Vehicle enter No – Go Zones

  • Location Entry & Exit Alert - Users to receive alerts when a set vehicle enters or exits a location.

  • Loading and Drop point creation directly into the map

  • Vehicle History allows you to access Vehicle Movement History Tracing

  • Excel Reports - Location wise Arrival Departure; Distance Travelled; Vehicle Stoppage and Movement etc.

  • Provide accurate ETA’s to improve customer service

  • Track consignments and high value goods in real-time

  • Re-direct the nearest driver at short notice

  • Monitor driver behaviour and driving style

  • Identify unauthorized and excessive idling

  • Plan the most efficient routes

  • Recover stolen vehicle

  • Increase vehicle security

  • Monitor harsh acceleration

  • Re-direct the nearest vehicle at short notice.

  • Reduced communication Costs - shows you at a glance where your vehicles are.sit us on

  • Minimize unnecessary downtime or idling

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Key To Success
Reduced Operating Costs

Reducing and controlling operating costs has become a necessity in this financially challenging environment. And our products are designed to do just that.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our Customers are the essence of our business. We work to satisfy their requirements and anticipate their needs. They must be assured that our goal is for them to be successful.

Increased Operational Visibility

Implementing our IT management solutions gives our clients vastly improved visibility of their services. This detailed view of service performance allows them key insights into potential road blocks and to improved diagnostic information to aid in the restoration of compromised services.

Minimal IT Deployment Effort

We prioritize automation for minimal human interaction and support, thus saving on both cost and time.

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