Tea Industry Solution

GEOROID Tea Plucker & Weighing Management System automates weighment and payment mechanism. System has been designed integrating Bluetooth Device, Digital electronic weighing scale, Mobile Phone Application, with Smart Card at its core. Smart Tea Plucker Card is issued to registered Tea Growers with relevant details printed on plastic portion of the card as well as stored into the QR Code integrated on the card. After quality check, green leaf bag is weighed and Smart Card is scanned into the mobile phone. Weight is captured directly from weighing scale with tea grower details and the data is stored in the server. Weighment slip with details of tea grower is recorded on the basis of which processing for payment to growers is calculated.

GEOROID TECHNOLOGIES specializes in "In-field Weighing" of Tea Leaf, Custom made application has been designed and developed for this purpose.

The objective of this product is to
  • Weigh the 'Tea Leaves' from the 'pluckers' at remote locations.

  • Realtime data to Management of the actual amount of Tea Leaves being plucked.

  • Eliminate the 'malpractices' in weighing – under weighing or overweighing.

  • Eliminate the 'mistakes' in weighing – a very common mistake in the manual system.

  • Faster weighing and thus improved efficiency of the staff.

Salient features:
  • Identification of the Tea Plucker' through a Smart Card & Attendance being recorded.

  • 'Automatic Transmission' of 'Correct Weight' data from Weighing Scale to Backend Application

  • Instant updating of information at Factory server.

  • All equipments communicating 'wirelessly' without using any 'cables'

Benefits Derived:
  • Smoothly integrates and passes data to existing ERP application if installed.

  • Increase in productivity by 200%

  • Reduction in Operational Cost

  • Higher Grower satisfaction

  • Accurate Weighment.

  • Electronic transaction error free

  • No scope of mal-practices

  • In time payment to Grower

  • MIS reports

  • Stream lined operation

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