Remote Pump Control & Monitoring

Georoid Remote Pump Control systems use automated intelligence to deliver the required operational level, where you want it, when you want it. Pumps can automatically turn on or off at set times or under set conditions. Operators have control over their own operational levels to provide an optimal working environment while preventing energy waste from over-operation.

Our intuitive Web-based software walks the operator through creating and modifying scheduled events, which can be applied to either a single day or to multiple days (for example, specify the same event for each week day), and also to a single zone or to multiple zones. Our web based application provides rich set of interfaces for visualizing operational parameters to provide a comprehensive view of Pump Operation. It also provides report generation capabilities to study historical data and make further optimization to power infrastructure. Monitoring dashboard shows at a glance the current Pump Operational status for each zone within the system. Operators can also over-ride conditions and Remotely Switch On / Off Pumps.

  • Energy Monitoring: Monitor and record various energy and related parameters of each type of energy consuming load on near real time basis.

  • Web based Scheduling: Recognized as the greatest opportunity to save energy our scheduling is intuitive and easy.

  • Alerts and Alarms: SMS/ Email Alerts of critical events / abnormal deviations

  • Remote On/Off and Status Monitoring: Allows operators to switch on/off pumps remotely via Web based application or SMS

  • Running Hours: Get details of Total Pump run hours

  • Power Quality Monitoring

  • Monitor: Measure & visualize graphically Meter/Sensor parameters in near Real Time over web portal

  • Control: On Demand Instantaneous, Time based Schedules, Rule based schedules from web portal

  • Analyze: Centralized Aggregated view of complete network, comprehensive MIS Reports, Historical Records

  • Alert Management: SMS/ Email Alerts of critical events / abnormal deviations

  • Plug & Play: Wireless data communication, No Software to install, No Data Centre to manage

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Key To Success
Reduced Operating Costs

Reducing and controlling operating costs has become a necessity in this financially challenging environment. And our products are designed to do just that.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our Customers are the essence of our business. We work to satisfy their requirements and anticipate their needs. They must be assured that our goal is for them to be successful.

Increased Operational Visibility

Implementing our IT management solutions gives our clients vastly improved visibility of their services. This detailed view of service performance allows them key insights into potential road blocks and to improved diagnostic information to aid in the restoration of compromised services.

Minimal IT Deployment Effort

We prioritize automation for minimal human interaction and support, thus saving on both cost and time.

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