Mobile Field Service

Georoid Mobile Field Service is an end to end system for the Service Industry. Our mobile solution is aimed at saving time and effort for workers who need to input data while on the move. The user friendly software allows for the spread of information across an organization, so everyone can see what is done and when. If your business manages field service operations then Georoid’s Mobile Field Service suite can provide the platform for your business to realise these goals.

  • Mobile Work Order: Technicians can create, edit, review and annotate work orders.

  • Parts and Inventory Tracking: Searchable parts list includes quantity of inventory on hand and on order.

  • Customer Data: Full access to account info, contact data, work order history, parts pricing, and payment collection while on-site with the customer.

  • Today's schedule: Techs can view a summary of their schedule for the day.

  • Take photos of Serviced Equipment: Techs can take photos automatically tagged with date/time stamps for accuracy.

  • Back Office Tracking: Back office can view technician locations in real-time, along with customers, warehouses, etc. to dispatch the nearest technician as well as complaint resolution.

Organizational Benefits Include:
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Improve service levels to customers by providing instant visibility into customer and work order histories, parts availability and delivery schedules

  • Service Management: Provide instant insight to senior management to facilitate critical field service decision making processes

  • Service Compliance: Increase data accuracy and ensure compliance with proper field service processes by guiding technicians through best practices

  • Performance Data: Capture and review work performance data including service time, tasks performed, part numbers, expenses and more

  • Simplified Integration: With our innovative Integration Wizard, you can integrate with even the most complicated backend systems quickly and easily

  • Automatic Alert: Alerts can be sent based on any desired condition, such as status of a work order

Interface to Existing Systems

    You may already have invested in a service management system and therefore want it to control your SLAs. Our field service solution has been designed to integrate with existing field service applications. This allows your field service data to pass to our system to facilitate proof of service, parts orders and service details. On service/job confirmation, the relevant data is passed back via our integration module to your service systems for customer invoicing.

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Key To Success
Reduced Operating Costs

Reducing and controlling operating costs has become a necessity in this financially challenging environment. And our products are designed to do just that.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our Customers are the essence of our business. We work to satisfy their requirements and anticipate their needs. They must be assured that our goal is for them to be successful.

Increased Operational Visibility

Implementing our IT management solutions gives our clients vastly improved visibility of their services. This detailed view of service performance allows them key insights into potential road blocks and to improved diagnostic information to aid in the restoration of compromised services.

Minimal IT Deployment Effort

We prioritize automation for minimal human interaction and support, thus saving on both cost and time.

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