Mobile Sales Management

Our Mobile Field Sales & Order Management is a ready-to-run mobile application that helps field employees manage their visits, customers, orders and more – optimizing their efficiency on site while removing the paperwork burden back at the office.

The user friendly software allows for the spread of information across an organization, so everyone can see what is done and when.

Our mobile solution is aimed at saving time and effort for workers who need to input data while on the move. The user friendly software allows for the spread of information across an organization, so everyone can see what is done and when. Our system brings all your data under control , everything is centrally stored & accessible from any web browser.

For management, Offers a higher level of visibility and control over field activities, evaluating opportunities, measuring performance, and executing actions that maximize efficiency and revenue. More effective reps, shorter visit time, reduction of administrative duties and better-served clients will definitely have a positive impact on your bottom line.


GEOROID Mobile Sales force makes your sales personnel productive from day one, while significantly improving productivity. Other significant benefits include:

  • Access to real time information from anyplace and at anytime ensures superior productivity and customer service

  • Boost decision making ability by providing mobile staff access to information pertaining to stock levels at the distributor point or buying patterns of outlets

  • Mobile staff can view stock information, create and submit orders, enter collections against outstanding and enter delivery information – all using a mobile phone

  • Greater operational efficiencies

  • Improved communication and collaboration

  • Improved workflow and expedited approval process

  • Improved responsiveness to customer and prospect needs and inquiries

  • Gives Sales Force access to customer, product and order history information.

  • Allows users to create and edit orders.

  • The Dashboard gives an overview and clearly illustrates all KPI’s.

  • Get historical information of Orders, Visits Collections etc.

  • Gives access to a catalogue of items containing such information as descriptions and illustrations as per SKU.

  • Publish product information - categories, product lines and SKU details.

  • Get Real-time Stock availability and Product information.

  • Allows Sales Force to view list of Distributors and Retailers, along with detail information.

  • Provides the ability to create and add new Dealer / Retailers from the Mobile App itself.

  • Suggest orders to customers by referring to their order history.

  • Create and update dispatch details.

  • Live Map View of Sales Force.

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Key To Success
Reduced Operating Costs

Reducing and controlling operating costs has become a necessity in this financially challenging environment. And our products are designed to do just that.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our Customers are the essence of our business. We work to satisfy their requirements and anticipate their needs. They must be assured that our goal is for them to be successful.

Increased Operational Visibility

Implementing our IT management solutions gives our clients vastly improved visibility of their services. This detailed view of service performance allows them key insights into potential road blocks and to improved diagnostic information to aid in the restoration of compromised services.

Minimal IT Deployment Effort

We prioritize automation for minimal human interaction and support, thus saving on both cost and time.

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