Mobile Attendance

GEOROID ATTENDANCE SYSTEM is a GPRS Enabled Time & Attendance system. The system is based on QR CODE Based Access Card & Function Keys - the most dominant and tested technology. GEOROID ATTENDANCE SYSTEM supports two authentication methods viz; Contact less Smart Card (External) authentication and Employee Code authentication. GEOROID ATTENDANCE SYSTEM provides the highest security with a reliable Photo Capture program.

This makes it the most secure device in its class. GEOROID ATTENDANCE SYSTEM comes with a Web based Software which generates access reports as well as precise Time & Attendance reports. Software supports port access which enables system administrators to access the system virtually from anywhere in the world.

  • GPRS Enabled Access Control and Time Attendance

  • QR CODE Based Access Card & Function Keys for attendance recording

  • 4” True Colour Display

  • Live Camera

  • Card/Employee Code authentication

  • GPRS, USB Communication

  • Browser based software package with secure login

  • Secure wall Mounting Bracket

  • Access System / reports from anywhere in the world.

  • Being an automatic system, an organization does not have to waste its invaluable time towards maintaining records or muster - rolls of employees for attendance purposes.

  • State of art technology from GEOROID Technologies assures complete peace of mind as far as security breaches are concerned.

  • The software generates several attendance reports automatically.

  • Creates a robust and secure environment.

  • Can be integrated with an enterprise-wide system for monitoring and providing service to employee.

  • Eliminates buddy punching completely.

  • Eliminates Time Cards and Time Sheets.

  • Offices

  • Manufacturing Organizations

  • Retail Establishments

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Government

  • Defence Organizations

  • Educational Institutions

  • Banks and Financial Institutions etc.

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