Heavy Equipment Monitoring

GEOROID TECHNOLOGIES brings to you solutions to tackle all your efficiency problems related to heavy equipment in the construction and infrastructure building activities. GEOROID helps you in increasing productivity and profitability by keeping a tab on movements, equipment parameters and most importantly the fuel consumptions.

Applicable For

Ready Mix Concrete Trucks |Cranes |Excavators | Bulldozers | Wheel Loaders | Screen / Crusher| RMC trucks | Cranes | Dump trucks |Hydraulic impact hammers |Haul trucks |Concrete pavers

Ready Mix Concrete Trucks

On road ready mix concrete trucks are highly vulnerable to fuel thefts due to large fuel tanks and dual engines. Improper handling of the concrete mixing engine knowingly or out of ignorance) also increases the probability of deteriorating quality of the concrete inside. This not only causes losses but also leads to loss of reputation.

Dual engine monitoring
  • Provides you facility of monitoring the primary and secondary engines of Ready Mix trucks with analysis of total ON times and OFF times per day. This helps you understand how the operators were handling the trucks.

  • Summary and detailed break-ups of the time when engine started and stopped are available along with total time per day for which the engines were ON and OFF. This helps in knowing if it has been used efficiently, also provides an insight whether it’s been underutilized or over utilized on any given day.

Earth Moving & Construction Machineries

In construction and infrastructure building activities can be monitored using GEOROID Solution for total work time analysis as the cranes are highly vulnerable to misuse or abuse by the operators or contractors. Fuel consumption monitoring is another significant feature that helps you cut down the losses due to fuel thefts. Also find the real-time location of your crane on digital maps to be rest assured that your high-value equipment is at the right place.

Real time location / trip reports
  • Total number of trips from the concrete production plant to the construction site(s), along with exact start and end time of the trip.

  • Real-time location of the truck at any time on digital maps.

  • Unscheduled stops help you determine locations where the trucks halted when not desired. Typically useful for catching possible theft of goods.

  • Total kilometres travelled per day or between particular time duration.

  • Animated trace of how the vehicle travelled and routes taken.

  • Instant notifications in case of over stoppage and over speeding.

Fuel consumption
  • Daily fuel consumption reports – Provides you with daily fuel consumption analysis along with average kilometre wise consumptions by relating to number of kilometres travelled.

  • Fuel filled reports – Gives you details of how much fuel was filled.

  • Fuel theft notifications – Detects sudden drop in fuel level and alerts you immediately.

Maintenance / document renewal reminders
  • Provides reminders for servicing, oil changes and filter changes based on calculation of number of kilometres the truck has travelled or number of days. Reminders in the form SMS and emails are provided at the appropriate times. This helps in preventive maintenance and ensures that the trucks don’t break down in the middle of road and the quality of concrete can be maintained all the time.

  • Document renewal reminders for taxes, permits, insurance, pollution certificates, etc. are provided via SMS or emails.

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We prioritize automation for minimal human interaction and support, thus saving on both cost and time.

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