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Georoid Technologies brings to you wireless intelligent telemetry system, specially designed for Remote Monitoring and Control of Diesel Generators located anywhere remotely. It combines of advanced Hardware and Software engineering with GPRS mode of communication to provide a comprehensive Monitoring & Control system.

DG sets are used extensively in Telecom, Bank branch offices, ATMs, Commercial Office Buildings and various other Industrial operations, especially in rural or semi urban areas with poor power availability.

It not only allows to monitor the operating hours of DG Set, but also overall productivity by knowing the fuel consumed and energy produced. It thus helps in increasing operational savings by effectively monitoring fuel thefts.

  • 30% of all causes for a base station failure are due to power related issues

  • Up to 50% of site visits are caused due to lack of network site transparency

  • Most of the DG sets have no intelligent interfaces, so they need manual start and stop, and their fuel volume and running status (DG output voltage, current & frequency) cannot be monitored in real-time.

  • Unknown fuel consumption: how much fuel is consumed per month? How much fuel is refilled? Is there any fuel leaked or stolen? Is there any waste caused by inefficient performance?

GEOROID Remote Monitoring is a platform that offers a series of features to centrally monitor and control the power generation of the base station as well as other important functions such as site security.

Installed on each site it processes all incoming sensor signals from the base station’s equipment (e.g. Gen-Sets, fuel tanks, and batteries), evaluates the system status and determines actions required for the Operators.

Extensive Site Infrastructure Monitoring

The different elements of the passive network infrastructure are monitored using different sets of sensors. The data processed and transmitted includes:

  • GENERATOR (Measure Output Current, Engine Run Hours, On/Off status)

  • FUEL TANK (Present Fuel Value; Refill Alerts; Sudden Fuel Drop Alerts)

  • BATTERIES (Battery Voltage; Output Current)

  • AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS (Remote On/Off Run Hours & Current Consumption)

  • ENVIRONMENTAL DATA (Temperature Sensors – Environment Temperature)

  • SITE ALARMS: Door Contacts; Camera

How it Works
  • Field Device & Sensors which Monitors all the activities of DG sets located remotely, is connected to the DG Set tapping various wires for engine status and connecting high accuracy fuel sensors as well as data from intelligent devices via protocols; it accesses sensors/transducers for data from non-intelligent devices, these transmits the data of all the parameters sensors to the Server via GPRS.

  • Server software is responsible for processing the data for real time status reports and alert notification, tracks down the Readings of Parameters/ Sensor Values and generated Logs.

    The various sensor parameters provide feedback mechanism for maintenance, fault detection and also help in fuel theft detection. In addition to monitoring parameters, alerts are also sent, either over SMS or email, to support personnel to rectify problems quickly. Alerts to manager help in planning activity properly and setting customer expectations.

  • Ensure that the generators start when needed

  • Reduce on-site visits

  • Get instant access to generator status and alarms

  • Keep track of your generators via GPS to protect them from theft

  • Monitor fuel volume in real time, accurate fuel refill volume, normal consumption and fuel stolen volume

Device Features
  • Complete redundant Device with Security

  • High speed and low power consumption Modular and Customizable device.

  • Device with RS 232 Interfaces

  • Capability of accepting 5 Analog/ Digital inputs.

  • Alarms, Cautions generated when any abnormal behaviours detected

  • Low Fuel detection and alarm generation

  • Can support different shapes and sizes of tanks.(Cubical, Cylindrical, Rectangular etc.)

  • Event status Generator ON/ OFF and Load value for a particular time are known.

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Reducing and controlling operating costs has become a necessity in this financially challenging environment. And our products are designed to do just that.

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Implementing our IT management solutions gives our clients vastly improved visibility of their services. This detailed view of service performance allows them key insights into potential road blocks and to improved diagnostic information to aid in the restoration of compromised services.

Minimal IT Deployment Effort

We prioritize automation for minimal human interaction and support, thus saving on both cost and time.

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